AccessiblEurope - LogoAccessibileItaly is the Italian section of AccessiblEurope.

AccessiblEurope was born in 1995 when we started dealing with accessible tourism.

SATH - LogoIn January 1997 AccessiblEurope was the only Italian tourism organization to participate in the 1st World Congress organized by the SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality) in Miami Beach, Florida.
Since then, AccessiblEurope as a member of SATH has participated in most of the congresses that have been held annually. is now born from the experience of AE with the aim of proposing trips, stays and tourist services in Italy, a country that hosts over 50% of the artistic beauties of the whole world.

To visit Italy in total comfort and with the guarantee of always being helped for any problem that may arise, having an Italian operator at your side in Italy is certainly safer.

Our work is difficult but we do it with passion and dedication, always looking for new destinations and more accessible services.
It is a work made above all of “tailor-made” and constantly evolving tours. New services are continuously tested, in search of the best and most accessible solution; but “perfect accessibility” does not exist and the best we can guarantee is to be honest, tell you what you can really expect and do our best to organize the most accessible trip.

Have a good trip for everyone