Accessible Venice lagoon hopping: Hopping between the islands:  Mazzorbo, Burano and Murano


Hop from island to island between the serene nature of Mazzorbo, the colourful houses of Burano, and the artistic glass scene of Murano.

Hop from island to island between Mazzorbo, Burano, & Murano! Watch colourful houses wiggle with delight at their reflections in the Canal of Burano, witness artistry in action at the glass factories and artisanal workshops in Murano, engage with vivid biblical tales on byzantine mosaics under glittering golden medieval church apses and marvel at the quiet, serene nature of Mazzorbo and the lagoon.

 What’s included?
  • Nature and interpretive guide and tour leader
  • Water bus ticket. Tickets will be purchased on-board
  • Tip or gratuity
Please note:
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accessible with strollers
What to expect:
  • Mazzorbo: We will have a fancy stroll in Mazzorbo, one of the quietest and idyllic islands in the lagoon where less than 300 people live. We will wander around its lavish gardens, stunning vineyards and a beautiful monastery.
  • Santa Caterina church: We will visit one of the most ancient churches in the lagoon, a real hidden gem.
  • Venissa vineyards: We will walk and relax in the magical atmosphere of this walled vineyard, which hosts a native Venetian grape, the Dorona.
  • Burano: We will stroll alongside the lagoon with one of the most amazing views until we reach the long bridge that connects Mazzorbo to Burano. Famous for its brightly coloured houses, its fine lace production and the freshest seafood, Burano is ‘bellissima’
  • Artist’s house: We will stop in one house in particular that pops with colour and is a real eye-catcher, as it is decorated with geometric forms like squares, triangles, circles and all colours of the rainbow.
  • Burano off the beaten path: We will cross the bridge with a stunning view among the cutest boats at the dock and fisherman houses.
  • Leaning tower: We will wander down secret alleys until we reach the bridge of Terranova from where we can enjoy the most breath-taking view of the leaning bell tower of the church and from where you can really see how sharp its slope is.
  • Lace tradition: We will stroll through the only square in the island where lace makers are at work in a traditional lace atelier. We will also check out the Love Viewing Bridge that connects three canals and three of the most colourful streets of Burano, before hopping on the water bus to Murano.
  • Murano: The glass-making island of Murano is the perfect island to top off your half a day trip and go off the beaten track, to places no tourists ever come
  • An artisanal lamp-work workshop: We will make our way to a unique artisan workshop where you can admire the fantastic skills of a lamp-work artist who make impressive works of glass.
  • Rio dei vetrai: We will see together how glass artisans and factories are bringing forward the glassblowing tradition strolling along the Rio dei Vetrai (“canal of the glassmakers”).
  • The oldest glass factory of the world: We will step in the oldest glass factory in the world, admiring together how tradition, design and fashion can be combined together.
  • San Pietro church: We will then discover some hidden gems of Murano as San Donato church, hiding masterpieces from the Renaissance and stunning glass chandeliers.
  • Former Conterie factory: We will wander around more hidden gems like an impressive industrial complex where they used to make beads
  • San Donato church and byzantine mosaics: We will discover this byzantine church and its XII century mosaics

Duration: 8 hrs

Details about accessibility: 100% accessible.

  • 4 water bus ride through the northern lagoon (F.te Nove Mazzorbo; Burano-Murano, Murano Faro-Murano Museo to cross Murano Canal, Murano Venice – Lines 12, 4.1/4.2, 13 Accessible – around 75 minutes’ navigation in total.
  • Full route is 5 Km with 5 accessible bridges in Burano and Mazzorbo, of which:
  • Facilitated bridge with ramp: gradient 13,4% (Ponte di sul canale di santa Caterina Mazzorbo)
  • Facilitated bridge with ramp: gradient: 16% (Ponte di santa Caterina Mazzorbo)
  • Facilitated bridge with ramp: gradient data not available: assumed to be less than 10% (Ponte rio Morto Mazzorbo
  • Facilitated bridge: gradient 8,5% (Ponte della Cappuccine Burano)
  • Facilitated bridge: gradient 8% on island centre side, 13% on the other side (Ponte Terranova Burano)

An itinerary, adaptable on site according to the needs and interests of the customer with a meeting point in Venice Fondamente Nove (always possible to pick up at the hotel on request with a possible supplement), which allows you to visit the islands of the northern lagoon. The standard duration is 8 hours

Rates on demand
It does not include the cost of vaporetto tickets (1.50 Euros per traveler with disabilities for 75 minutes including a companion).

For any information, wishes or special need regarding the Accessible Venice lagoon hopping please do not hesitate to email