Italy easier for All! Tourists by wheelchair if front of Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Italy easier for All, tourists by wheelchair in Rome

Dear travelers with disabilities, people who use a wheelchair, or a walker, Italy easier for All is the motto and goal of AccessibleItaly.

AccessibleItaly wants to help you make a trip to Italy a wonderful and easy experience for all travelers.

Why Italy?

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for world tourism and anyone would like to visit it but it could be complicate.

Our best proposals to visit Italy in comfort and safety

Its attractions are famous around the world: Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and more small towns like  Amalfi, Capri, the 5 Terre, Pompeii.
Beautiful natural areas like the Dolomites, Lake Como, the National Parks, the Volcanoes and hundreds of other places and attractions.

Italy it is rich in art, has a thousand-year history, has splendid landscapes, a tasty and different cuisine from region to region.
It has accessible transports as high-speed trains, wheelchair transport vehicles, moreover  stylish and accessible hotels, apartments, guest houses, villas, … and much more for you.

How Italy?

On the other hand, it must be honestly admitted that accessibility, both general and in specific locations, could be complicated for people with reduced mobility.
Italy is a country where the differences in height (hills and mountains) represent almost 80% of the territory and this fact does not make it easily accessible.
If we add to this that most of the Italian cities and towns retain an ancient, medieval aspect, with stone pavements, stairs, narrow and winding alleys, it may seem difficult to define Italy as accessible.

But you don’t have to worry and don’t give up on your dream!
AccessibleItaly will help you, the goal is to make Italy easier for everyone!
To make your trip unforgettable is AccessibleItaly’s mission.

Being based in Italy, AccessibleItaly will be by your side 24/7 for all your time in Italy.
For any problem just call and the staff will help you.
AccessibleItaly will allow you to travel in comfort and safety in our beautiful country!

Our goal is to make Italy easier for All!

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