Tourists using wheelchair if front of Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Dear travelers with disabilities and people using a wheelchair or a walker, AccessibleItaly is making Italy easier for you!

Because Italy is one of the most wished destinations in world tourism so anybody wish to visit it.

But, if Italy is known all over the world for being: rich in art, history, for having beautiful landscapes, a tasty and varied cuisine, accessible and excellent transport, elegant and accessible hotels, … and much more for you.

On the other hand, it must be honestly admitted that accessibility, both general and in specific situations, could be complicate for people with reduced mobility.

But don’t worry and don’t give up on your dream! Because AccessibleItaly will help you.

Because to make your travel unforgettable (and accessible!) is AccessibleItaly mission.

So AccessibleItaly will be at your side 24/7 for all your time in Italy.
For any problem you simply call.

Because AccessibleItaly will help you, to allow you to travel in comfort and safety in our beautiful country!

So come!
Italy is waiting for you!

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