AccessibleItaly hire aids for trips for its customers.

Hire aids for trips: Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter to rent in Italy

Because its mission is to help its customers to travel in full comfort as much as possible all around Italy.

All types of aids are hirable on demand: 
– Wheelchairs (manual or power ones)
– Mobility scooters
– Commode chairs
– Medical beds
– Hoist

Hire vehicles with driver or for self driving:

Hire aids for trips: Opel Corsa with hand controls

Car with hand controls availabale in Italy

– Accessible van with hydraulic platform (with and without driver)
– Auto with hand controls 
– Accessible campers
– Handy-bikes


Hire helpers for:

Hire aids for trips: Opel Vivaro with ramp for self driving

Accessible van with ramp or lift rentable without driver.

– Medical assistance
– Nursing
– Care giving
– Accompanying staff

Arrange anywhere available: 
– Refilling oxygen cylinders
– Dialysis


For any assistance, support, hire need not listed, do not hesitate to contact us specifying your request.

We will hire aids for trips in Italy!
Our costumers will be able to rent what they will need to travel in comfort and safe!

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