Accessible tours of Italy: Trips and programs in different parts of Italy, of different duration and which include several areas of the country. Italy offers its visitors an immense heritage of artistic beauties (over 50% of the artistic heritage of Humanity is in Italy), natural and landscape beauties.

Visiting Italy in a single trip is impossible and even very few Italians have visited much of their country.

We offer, as an example, a classic tour that in 9 days allows you to visit some of the main attractions of the country:

Italy accessible classic tour – Rome, Florence and Venice – 9 days / 8 nights

But in addition to this tour we can organize other tours for individuals and endless groups:

Northern Italy tour: including Piedmont and Langhe, Lombardy with the Great Lakes, Veneto with the cities of art and the Dolomites, Liguria with the 5 Terre (unfortunately not really accessible but we will do our best to show them to you).

Central Italy tour: Lazio with Rome and Etruria, the Tuscany of 100 medieval villages, Umbria, the Marches and Abruzzo with the sea and the major peaks of the Apennines.

Southern Italy tour: with Campania (Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, …), Puglia where the sea frames ancient villages and castles, Basilicata with Matera and the Sassi, Calabria of the 2 seas.

Sicily: a land rich in a thousand-year history and incredible natural beauties.

Sardinia: an island with a wild nature and a history that dates back to the Neolotic with the culture of the Nuraghi.

Tours for sports people (skis, handybikes, …), language and cooking schools, medical and rehabilitation tourism, stays on dialysis, a trip to Italy meets all your desires and all your needs

Accessible tours of Italy and stays on the beaches of the many seas that surround it or on the mountains that mark its borders and occupy a large part of the territory.

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