The visit is focused on the most iconic monuments located in the heart of Città Alta, the ancient town with witnesses that make us travel through the history from the Roman times to the Middle Ages and Reneissance reaching XIX° Hundreds. Piazza Vecchia is the beating heart of this community with its amazing sequence of historic buildings: the medieval Palazzo della Ragione; the Civic Tower named “Campanone”; just few metres ahead another enchanting small square surrounded by architectonic jewels: the Medieval Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Renaissance Mausoleum erected to celebrate Bartolomeo Colleoni and the Cathedral, a true kaleydoscope of pure beauty. The city shows its best also exploring its less famous  medieval streets and squares flanked by cosy shops for a relaxing and enjoyable spare time and very special “Gelaterie” or small restaurants where to relax and taste the original artisanal Stracciatella ice-cream or the exquisite local cheeses. The end of the tour will be the “wow factor” moment just looking down from balcony of the XVI° century venetian walls, since 2017 in the list of UNESCO Heritage.

I wait for you to enjoy this experience together.

Duration: 2,30 hours
Participants: min 1 – max 25
Rate: On demand
Admission:  € 3,00 pp – Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore ; € 4,00 pp – included Lorenzo Lotto’s tarsias

Bergamo Square with fountain

Bergamo Square with fountain


This tour is mainly focused to create an Experience of Beauty & Goodness just remaining comfortably in the old heart of Bergamo Upper Town, dedicating part of the time to explore the precious historic witnesses all concentrated around Piazza Vecchia and at the same time completing this exploration with a cheese tasting experience directly in one of the places selected by the guide where to enjoy the true flavours of the special dairy patrimony of this land, considered the CAPITAL OF CHEESES in Italy & Europe with its 9 P.D.O. all produced in the cheese Valley.

1(See itinerary n. 1 in Bergamo) and 1 hour to discover the unique flavours of our exquisite local cheeses with a cheese tasting in a selected restaurant in the town.

Meeting Point:                  to be defined
Time scheduled:               about 3,30 hours
Entrance Tickets:            € 3,00 pp – Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore ; € 4,00 pp – included Lorenzo Lotto’s tarsias
Guided Tour rate:            On demand
Min. Pax: 1/25
Cheese Tasting in a restaurant in Bergamo:  from € 25,00 to 30,00 pp

The Cheese tasting can be differently organized just buying some of the local cheeses in a local shop. Price in this case cannot be quantified as it depends on the quantity and quality of the cheeses that we want to buy at the moment.

3) BERGAMO & GAETANO DONIZETTI                             

The Birth place of the Master Composer
Dedicated to the fans of the Italian Opera  

Bergamo is the native home of Gaetano Donizetti an international star of the opera in XIX° Century. He was the author of more than 70 music compositions performed on the stage of the most prestigious theatres in Europe. Always celebrated by the most passionate music estimators, his music still attracts and move a vast audience who come to visit Bergamo just to walk on the footsteps of the great master to discover his native town, its atmospheres, the magnificent and overwhelming beauty of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore where he hard the first musical notes and where to admire his funerary monument.

A visit to Donizetti’s birthplace is a place not to be missed in your tour exploration. It is hosted in and old and very simple historical building where the visitors can start a a trip in the biography of the composer helped by the presence of didactic panels.

At the end of the tour I’d like to enjoy a moment of peace with my guests, breathing the atmosphere and the “daily sounds of Bergamo” in front of a delicious piece of Donizetti’s cake while contemplating the beauty and harmony of his town.

Meeting Point:  to be defined
Time scheduled:  about 3,00 hours
Entrance Tickets:  € 3,00 pp – Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore ; € 4,00 pp – included Lorenzo Lotto’s tarsias;  € 3,00 pp – Gaetano Donizetti’s birthplace ( € 2,00 pp – group with more than 15 pax) **
Guided Tour rate:             On demand
Min. Pax: 1/15
Donizetti’s cake Tasting: €    7,00
Guided Tour rate:             On demand
Sweet Time to taste Donizetti’s cake  € 7,00 pp

**VERY IMPORTANT: Donizetti’s birthplace is opened only on Saturdays and Sundays.
In case of a visit in the other days of the week it is necessary to reserve the private entrance : FONDAZIONE TEATRO DONIZETTI DI BERGAMO (


“Vis a Vis” with the Local Figurative Art”

A visit to the Accademia Carrara Art Gallery is a trip into the fascinating world of the figurative art particularly the Lombard and Venetian ones covering almost five centuries of history from the Reneissance to the last nineteenth century. Here you can discover the masterpieces painted by Giovan Battista Moroni, Palma il Vecchio, Evaristo Baschenis, Fra Galgario, whose paintings are collected in the most prestigious museums and private collections in Europe. In the Museum you can also admire very special masterpieces painted by Lorenzo Lotto, Andrea Mantegna, Raffaello, Giovanni Bellini, Tiziano, etc.

Meeting Point:       Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82
Time scheduled:     2 hours
Guided Tour rate:    On demand
Ticket cost (Accademia Carrara Picture Gallery): Full: €10;  “2×1” Reduced rate for persons with disabilities (with healthcare document proving disability) and                     accompanying person (free).

This tour can be completed with a visit to the Upper Town or the Lower Town The above-mentioned tour could be completed with a tour in the most beautiful churches down town containing the precious altarpieces painted by Lorenzo Lotto in Bergamo or with a visit to the historical centre of Bergamo Upper Town (see itinerary n. 1). In this case the time scheduled is longer and every extra hour costs € 25,00.


Visit to one of the Most Beautiful Noble Palaces in Bergamo

One of the most authentic expression of the Baroque art in Bergamo, built in the 17th under the commitment by Francesco Moroni. It perfectly conserves the precious works of art of the famous Italian portraitist in XVI° Century, Giovan Battista Moroni and other precious paintings by prestigious painters coming from Lombardy and Veneto regions. The rooms that compose the noble palace are covered with stunning frescoes by G. Giacomo Barbelli and G. B. Azzola; fitted with neoclassical style furniture and precious objects that were part of the everyday life of Moroni family.

The tour of the palace is completed with a view of the airy beautiful green spaces offered by the small Italian style terraced garden facing the entrance courtyard and the wide open space of the upper garden from where it is possible to enjoy a unique view of  Bergamo.

One of the most beautiful XVI° – XVII° noble palaces in Bergamo Città Alta, containing extraordinary art treasures, expression of the very refined taste which characterized the aristocratic families of the time. The visit to the noble flat of the palace introduces the visitor into a true painting gallery with magnificent frescoes painted by Gian Giacomo Barbelli, Carpoforo Tencalla and other famous artists of the time. Its rooms are still fitted with the original Rococo style furniture, precious venetian mirrors, in a unique atmosphere that still let you live the emotion of living in the past times.

The tour to the noble palaces is offered to complete the tour of the old town for a total of 3 hours of visit.

Meeting Point:            to be defined
Time scheduled:        3 hours in total (1 hour to visit the noble palace – 2 hours to visit Bergamo)
Guided Tour rate:       On demand
Entrance Tickets:   € 3,00 pp – Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore;  € 4,00 pp – included Lorenzo Lotto’s tarsias;  € 7,00 pp  – (both for Palazzo Terzi & Palazzo Moroni for a group of at least 15  pax) or:  € 100,00 unique rate (for 1 to 15 pax).

This tour can be completed with a visit to the Upper town or the Lower Town


1) The Cheese Valley: a Tour to the Origins of the Taleggio & Strachitunt        P.D.O. cheeses

Bergamo is not exclusively magnificent for its historic and artistic heritage but for its exquisite enogastronomy and I’d like to be an ambassador of the LOCAL FOOD in my land, particularly of the local P.D.O. cheeses, the Valcalepio and Moscato di Scanzo wines, the local vergin oil etc.

For this reason I’d like to give my guests the possibility to enrich their cultural tour with a complete view of some of the excellences that can be found in the territory promoting a CHEESE – TOUR and a CHEESE & WINE TOUR based on the discovery of the local P.D.O. CHEESES and D.O.C. & D.O.C.G. WINES reaching directly the places where they are produced (an itinerary of about 6 hours- FD / Tour)  or a shorter itinerary of few hours directly in Bergamo Town, where to enjoy the visit of the historic centre and complete the tour with a cheese & wine tasting in one of the local restaurants.

Tour to the Cheese Valley
The tour starts in the morning to reach first a small dairy farm where to take part to the production of two of the most famous local cheeses and finally, enjoy their aromas and flavors with an exquisite cheese tasting just for the delight of your papilles. The tour follows then a second lovely destination: a medieval hamlet called Camerata Cornello, spotted with few old medieval buildings and porticoes, a very special place today still inaccessible to the cars but accessible to everybody wants to reach it with the awareness that it will not be so comfortable to roll on the medieval irregular cobblestones path that will make the ride bumpy but adventurous. It will be necessary to be helped by someone to push the wheelchair in the major part of the tour inside the village that once was the homeland of the Tasso family known all over the world for the literary masterpiece named “La Gerusalemme Liberata” but also for the successful business activity in managing the European postal service until 1866.

The tour finishes in the picturesque and relaxing centre of S. Pellegrino village, crossed by the chilly water of river Brembo and crowned by the green Orobie Prealps. A special place renowned for its elegant Liberty style buildings but primarily for its water springs, the San Pellegrino water, exported all over the world with millions of bottles every year.

IMPORTANT: Very irregular medieval cobblestones path with some height differences – bumpy & discomfort ride – necessary to be helped by someone pushing  the wheelchair

Meeting Point:            to be defined
Time scheduled:        6 hours in total (full-day)
Guided Tour rate:     On demand
Cheese Tasting:          € 25,00 for the visit in the dairy factory and tasting (1 to 5 pax.);  € 20,00 for the visit in the dairy factory and tasting (5 to 10 pax.)
Entrance Ticket:         € 3,00  Museum of Tasso Family at Camerata Cornello
Distance from Bergamo: from 50 to 60 km
Transfer: 1, 15 – 1,30 minutes (it depends also from the traffic; particularly busy on Saturdays).

IMPORTANT: this tour cannot be scheduled on Sunday as the dairy farm is closed

2) Itinerary in Val Cavallina through Art, Nature, and the genuine Flavours of the Local Wine & Food

Discover the precious frescoes painted by the venetian Reneissance painter Lorenzo Lotto in the small Oratory church of S. Barbara in Trescore Balneario, considered a veritable masterpiece.
All the amazing images painted on the walls and roof of the chapel represent a true fresco of his contemporary life.
The visit should last about 45 min. – 1 hour.

The itinerary includes a visit to one of the selected local Valcalepio wine cellars & agriturismo to discover and enjoy the production of the exquisite local Valcalepio Wines together with a dish of the local casoncelli. The itinerary goes on with a walking tour around Lake Endine, an emerald green small lake not too far from Iseo Lake and finishes in the beautiful lake town of Lovere, in the northern part of the Lake Iseo where to enjoy a rolling tour through its squares and streets and flanking part of the lake.

Meeting Point:            Iseo Lake (Iseo or Lovere)
Time scheduled:        6 hours in total (full-day)
Guided Tour rate:    On demand
Ticket cost: Oratorio Suardi : to be defined
Wine tasting and visit to the wine cellar: € 25,00 pp (1 to 10) – € 20,00 pp (from 10 on)
Lunch in a Local Agriturismo

3)Explore Bergamo & Discover its Wines in a Valcalepio Wine Cellar

This tour starts with an introductory visit to the most remarkable monuments and buildings in Bergamo Upper Town and its precious historic centre to enter gradually the history, culture and tradition of this land.

The second part of the tour is dedicated to the local wine experience.
Not too far from Bergamo we can visit one of the selected wineries in the Valcalepio region to find out more about the Valcalepio wines: their origins, terroir, winemaking processes etc. The village of Scanzo in particular has become famous for the production of a very special autochtonous wine not present anywhere else except than in a portion of limited territory; so exquisite and so good to be very much appreciated and exported abroad also few centuries ago. The visit to the winery will be completed with a wine-tasting to enjoy a sensorial experience of the Valcalepio wines.

Meeting Point:           to be defined
Time scheduled:       3,00 h
Guided Tour rate:    On demand
Wine tasting and visit to the wine cellar: € 25,00 pp (1 to 10) – € 20,00 pp (from 10 on)

Useful Information
Distance from Bergamo: from 6 Km (3,7 miles) to 35 km (21,7 miles) – max. 30 minutes by car from Bergamo city.

  • The visit to the wine-cellar lasts an hour and half;
  • The temperature in the cellars is of about 10°C/50°F; suitable clothing is recommended.
Lombardy, Bergamo province, Iseo lake

Lombardy, Bergamo province, Iseo lake

4) Explore Lake Iseo & Discover the Franciacorta Wines

It is an inspiring experience to discover gradually the Franciacorta region going through its hillside territory covered with rows of vineyards, spotted with small country villages and castles; have a short visit of about one hour at the picturesque village of Iseo in the southern part of the Lake, one of the most important commercial centre in the past and also today; explore its historic old centre still full of life with its cosy shops, the Garibaldi square with XV° centuries porticoes; the parish church of St. Andrew, its medieval alleys. Reach Sulzano, the village that hosted a fantastic temporary and visionary project: the Floating Piers by Christo in 2016. Take the ferryboat directed to Peschiera Maraglio on the south-east coast of Montisola, the amazing green island in the central part of the Lake Iseo, a mild peaceful place to have a roll alongside its coast route flanked by olive trees and a fantastic panorama reflected by the water. Enjoy a free lunch in one of the restaurant present between the village of Peschiera Maraglio and Sensole and then be ready after a short relaxing moment to go back to the coast and reach a Franciacorta wine cellar to taste one of the best sparkling wine in Italy.

Meeting Point:           to be defined
Time scheduled:       8,30 h
Guided Tour rate:    On demand
Wine tasting and visit to the wine cellar: € 25,00 / 40,00 (according to the wine cellar and number of selected wines)

Useful Information
Distance from Bergamo: 40 km – max. 45 – 50 minutes from Bergamo city.
11.30 – 12:00 drive from Iseo to Sulzano to take the ferryboat to Montisola (there is a connection every 10 minutes);
15.00 departure from Peschiera Maraglio to Sulzano to drive to a local wine cellar in Franciacorta region and start the visit and the wine-tasting of the local sparkling wine (1,30 H).
15.30 -17.00 visit in the wine cellar and wine tasting.
Departure at 9:30 a.m.
Arrival at 18:00 p.m.

 For information, details and reservations for “Bergamo province accessible tours” write to