Testo in Italiano

Tips for renting wheelchair accessible vans and cars with hand controls.

The companies that rent accessible vehicles or with hand controls in Italy and in Europe are few, small and with few vehicles, in many cases only 1.

Moreover almost no company agrees to deliver or pick up vehicles in locations other than their offices or, at most, from the airport of the city where they are offices.

So the idea of having the pickup in Rome and the drop off in Venice or Paris is practically impossible.
In Italy there is only one company, with only one accessible van that accepts this type of booking but the delivery costs are high, in many cases greater than the rental cost.

So, before planning a trip that includes renting an accessible van or a car with manual controls, check with us where it is best to land to start your trip and try to arrange a loop route with pickup/drop off at the same location.

Have a nice trip!